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I am a quilt maker, teacher and designer with 15 years as a professional in this craft. My first love is and has always been making and teaching scrap quilts. A very traditional technique that the whole quilt craft (and art) is based on - using only the materials found in the home to make something serviceable and yet beautiful. Quilt making is as simple as joining two pieces of fabric together; playing with colour and creating texture. Modern quilts explore surface embellishment, dyeing and painting fabrics, machine and hand work – almost no limit to how you can manipulate fibre to create a piece of art, a family heirloom or a warming comforter for the bed. I teach short classes (2-3 hours), day classes or residential classes so you can come to the studio for a day or a stay and be totally immersed in a wonderful fabric craft. I have sold quilts to people around the world and made commission quilts for buyers both in New Zealand and America. Until recently I made quilts for beds but over the past five years have ventured into art quilts with considerable success at shows and with buyers.

For much of my working career I have been a graphic artist in the advertising world. It is only in recent years that I have started painting (watercolour and drawing), although not fulltime. For a six year period my work was exhibited and sold in my own gallery / tearoom in Waikino, Waihi. In any art competitions that I have entered when time has permitted, my art has always received an award. I am now in the process of establishing myself in the New Zealand art world. Over the years I have had many quilts juried into national and international exhibitions I have had them published here and overseas and continue to strive for excellence with my quilts.

My art career began initially with the Elam School of Fine Arts of Auckland University. Then I was employed as a graphic artist in a leading Auckland advertising agency. As a graphic artist I spent many years in a freelance situation specializing in photo retouching, airbrushing and illustration work. A change of lifestyle occurred in a move from Auckland to Waikino to open a small art gallery and tearoom, operating for six years. My experience in graphic art and in picture framing has added to my approach to art in which I try to portray things accurately in a representational way, but at the same time to reflect my own thoughts on what I want to portray in my art. I have recently set up a website to advertise commissioned drawings along with any art I presently have for sale. I am now seeking to promote my art locally by producing small cards and small framed prints. My inspiration for my art comes from the natural world around me and the people in it.

Hotwater Beach may be famous for it's hot pools in the sand, but it's also home to Moko Artspace, a gallery that houses exquisite New Zealand and Pacific Island art. Including jewellery, designware, pots & plants, wall art & sculpture, the gallery features an outdoor courtyard with sculpture set alongside coastal plants.

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